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Sunday, November 11, 2012

I spoke with God and She intended the ALEC amendments to fail.

Explaining the headline, Andy at Residual Forces posts to a link about why Richard Mourdock lost in Indiana after his undermining Richard Lugar in the Republican primary; Andy here, the link, here. I seize on the second comment to that Indiana post, under the pseudonym, "The Holy Ghost," stating:

Well I’m going to be honest, I had a hand in this. After seeing what a whacko Mr.Murdoch was I went into the homes of Indianins and ensured they would vote against Mr.Murdoch. That type of cult belief from the scripture has no business in the world. I spoke with God and he intended for Mr.Murdoch to lose

Well, if Michele Bachmann can blaspheme about God choosing one as unfit as herself to run for Congress, I can join this commenter, and say the BIG LADY, She told me about the ALEC tampering not fitting Her Grand Design.

So, tell me if you believe that I got God's gender wrong ...

Then give me your evidence.

God had it in for Petraeus too I suppose. I cannot say for certain. She never let me know a thing about that. Think about it, She could have arranged the General's affair to be with a Bulgarian woman weightlifter instead, or a boy. Perhaps God showed the General grace and mercy. And now there is speculation about the other other woman. FBI investigating CIA, and Secret Service visiting a bordelo in Columbia a half year back or so. What government skulduggery business do you suppose is going on, with this diversionary smokescreen being unleashed on us now as a suitable distraction?

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Andy at residual forces is an idiot