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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How special do you have to be, or think you are, to accumulate traffic citations in seven separate Minnesota Counties?

And that's not including the big ones with the most cops on partol, Hennepin and Ramsey Counties. Seven counties in half a decade. (Having hit Anoka County twice gives a shot at a trifecta?) These counties:

Sherburne, Kanabec, Isanti, Anoka, Benton, Mille Lacs, Aitkin, Anoka [repeate, 06/13/2012].

If Kurt Daudt ever runs for statewide office, he would have a shot at hitting a Bingo in every other county, statewide. Plus repeats. An opportunity.

This image:

Scofflaws make laws? Not in the DFL. This IS our GOP's rising star, not DFL. And this was the Marty Seifert booster who made much of Tom Emmer's old, old drinking and driving record. Read much more, BlueStem Prairie, here, here and here. Thanks to Tommy Johnson for emailing about that coverage.


Most recently, Daudt defined himself by signing on among the esteemed sponsorship group of HF 091, fiddling while real business needed attention. Coverage, here, here and here. This organization's page, here for their score-sheet. For sale.

My answer on that mischief; hand it back to them. They earned a hand-back via this modestly proposed non-obtrusive license plate selection proposal.

A trust-women bill could be easily authored using HF 091 as a draft text, with suitable substitution language. The more parallel the better. And, with the extra cash generated via citizens electing to display a trust-women license plate to go to Planned Parenthood of Minnesota. [Tom Hackbarth could hand deliver the checks. Planned Parenthood, after all, is non-communist. He could go armed; as in - been there, done that. Possibly, checks might better be mailed or e-deposits arranged.]

NOTE: The proposed license design is based on one available in Virginia, (the image is online here and here; explore sites here and here). A license plate bill could be an early-introduced DFL legislative item, to test the Republicans' posturing of willingness to explore bipartisanship. They could have their substitute bill, (HF 091 redux), and possibly both in the spirit of true bipartisanship might pass. Or not. For now it is only a thought experiment.

UPDATE: Republicans claim to like lean efficient organizations [governmental at least]. Efficiency this past election did not go to Karl Rove and his gazillion dollar slush pot. The high-efficiency award, it went --- well read of it, at MPP.

_________FURTHER UPDATE_________
Daudt's speciality is igniting unneeded class warfare; specifically war on the poor, reported here and here [Daily Planet even giving this pic showing what clearly is a kind hearted man, you can see it in his face]. A man of Dickensian proportion who at some point will embrace little Tiny Tim, only, wait a bit. Bills listed, Chief Author Daudt, here.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
War on the poor, down under mining tycoon.

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