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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Paul Levy reports in Strib of Dan Erhart's post-election thinking.

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If Jim Graves decides against another run for Congress in Minnesota's CD 6, and Erhart considers a run, I would vote for him over Bachmann in a heartbeat. Not that he cares. I was judgmental in the past, against Erhart, and I still remember he had a heavy hand when pushing, but Levy seems to report Erhart acknowledges that, in a way.

But sending him to Congress. What a hoot. If he has had head bumping with Matt Look, wouldn't it be enjoyable to see him deal with Paul Ryan?

Just a thought. My guess is Erhart could shift from a very local focus to one of national scope easily, and that he would, if he ran and won, be infinitely better for the district than a do-nothing publicity hound.

Dan, talk it over with Jim. Yes, an election is less than a month behind us, but it is never too early to contemplate doing in the tenure in Congress of the most embarrassing laughingstock person sent by Minnesota to Congress, ever, in the history of our statehood.

Levy reports a "retire now from politics unless I find something I love" mood now with Erhart, but you have to love taking a run at an over-achieving turkey.

I think an Erhart-Bachmann election would be a benefit to our congressional district, were Graves to decide against another challenge. But if Graves wants another shot, it can be worked out by individuals meeting and conversing, at the DFL caucus endorsement level, or via a primary.

Would an Erhart - Bachmann contest generate attention? Ya betcha.


As to the frontrunner for any "next run" against Bachmann, Jim Graves is reported as not slamming any doors shut, no Sherman statement, indeed, quite the opposite.

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