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Wednesday, February 08, 2017


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In support of that, the Tea Party effort awoke the corporate Republicans. Eric Cantor was the bell ringer for that.

The Tea Party allowed itself to be deluded by the Trump-Christie-Mercer Big Lie. Now billionaires and reactionaries who don't care a whit for rank and file Tea Party members have hijacked their votes and they shall suffer and learn over the next four years. Mexicans and Muslims were not their problem, Wall Street globalist greed was/is the problem, making third world money while selling mortgage-backed crap to domestic pension funds and Attorney General Holder's corner office at his power law firm being kept open/intact for him while he presided over not one single Wall Street crook going to the slammer. So Trump deluded the Tea Party regulars, and has a cabinet full of billionaires who are set to fuck the rest of us, still and at a greater level and frequency than before.

So, what's the counter. First, Tea Party rank and file being smarter next time, having a learning curve and rejecting both the Trump and the Rubio lying; getting their candidate in, and focusing on the economic job being done on them instead of having embryo-Angst to the point of being big money's fools.

But on the other side; Goldman Sachs having hedged its bet on Clinton via Trump - look at who he's appointing after all - on that affront on the one side and on the other the Podesta infestation problem; two words: Justice Democrats. The unions should join. Rank and file and leadership should read that platform; the opening link; and affiliate and "pay their dues" as they do with their bargaining units. Workers at beggaring pay rates, students roped into bad debt; the list can go on to every citizen who's seen less and less year by year yet having the good sense to figure things out and having the will to fight; that is the basis for a coalition of decency and fairness; more so than the Tea Party, which has too much selfishness to it and has had its vision misdirected by monied propagandists. Tea Party dissatisfaction is not that far from socially conscious dissatisfaction. If each effort, Tea Party Republicans and Justice Democrats can take over the two parties, they can work out their differences since each has the people first in thought and deed, even when in disagreement over a "best answer" set.

The hope for the nation is for EACH AND BOTH parties being reformed by action of the people. Will it happen? Unlikely, the Tea Party hijacking by the Trump bullshit being the present and most obvious example on their side of things. The corporatist Podesta Dems stiffling Bernie being our example. Examples of what not to do next time. Mixing in a bit of wisdom with the dissatisfaction, who knows what may evolve.

As a start, a first step, Ellison. Tom Perez would be a death knell for progress, and if those in the 447 member inner party voting Perez will have their voting in the sunshine and not by secret ballot; Justice Democrats will be able to see self-identified targets for removal.

But installing a DNC head dedicated to seeing the money at DNC going out to candidates in the hustings instead of kept and doled out among beltway cronies is only a start. Ellison in office at DNC would need the grassroots' continuing evolution and sophistication to prosper and do his job as he already knows best. The entire Tom Perez insult must be squelched in no uncertain terms. A Tom Perez supporter is anethma to the prosperity and decency of the Democratic Party. Cancers need removal.

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