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Friday, February 10, 2017

Say it ain't so, to Joe. Tired of him. Not part of any solution. Part of the DWS entourage, fan base, cesspool, whatever term you'd choose to call biased, unintelligent, colossal failure.

Beltway lifers are an answer to a question nobody is asking. The burning question is how can the Democratic Party regain relevance.

No go, Joe. Fade away.

Grayson agrees.

What about Schumer, Pelosi? Schumer is reaching to Ellison for relevance, and if Ellison is senior partner, Schumer shows reality awareness. If not, he's Pelosi of the male gender.

Beltware insiders, reoriented to see regaining relevance is tied to a progressive move by the Democratic Party should be embraced, as helpful. Slash and burn, alone, will not save the junior party. Growth and change, the real thing not a posterized slogan, will.

Schumer is on the cusp but shows a sense beyond the normal beltway lifer. Even in light of - another post, yet to be posted, which will be above this one, as queued.

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