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Sunday, February 05, 2017

Leaving behind her a wake of due process desecration, Kimberly Hewitt takes her skill set elsewhere. Johns Hopkins, may it work well.

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This link. One can imagine that Reusse took pleasure in writing the obit for the exit.

Does Hopkins even have a football team for her to rally against? Perhaps a lacross team with which to duke things out, in the never relaxed hunt for affronts to self-held sensibilities.

May she carry a range of subordinates, EOAA staffers similarly disciplined, with her. It would be the proper and best thing, were she to.

Not easily forgotten, irreplaceable, in a sense. Perhaps due back for future subpoenaed testimony, should the young woman involved in what police invetigators saw as consensual sex sues based on lack of institutional control, suing the U. while armed with an EOAA determination binding on the U. that the woman's credibility surpassed that of all others who testified in a process where testimony was not preserved, (called at times spoliation of evidence, a judicially bad practice), despite a range of video equipment the athletic department could have made available to the Hewitt proceeding for building and preserving a complete record, if asked. Right to counsel? Not Hewitt's problem. Right of counsel to cross examine? Not Hewitt's problem. Her problem? Packing to move to Hopkins. As if producing a convincing record was secondary to reaching a predetermined sense of order, in resume building or otherwise, while taking a mere 82 pages of text to wrap around the questionable terse, conclusory, and unsupported of record, credibility determination. A determination which could in litigation be argued as an admission against interest by the U. on a claim of institutional laxness in its off-campus sex-policing Title IX Hewitt-led reach.

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