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Monday, February 27, 2017

Justice Democrats are now, given a lost DNC, more important than otherwise. And otherwise, without justice, look at the mess we have.

Any European readers may also identify with this or not. But, Trump has changed the Republican Party in the populist direction, nativist too, xenophobic too, intolerant too, but changed. Now a true non-corporatist alternative is needed. (In passing, were Trump to strangle the life out of Paul Ryan I would reassess my outlook, and even regret not voting for Trump -- but unlikelihoods deserve short attention.)

The people who pushed Tom Perez, with some admittedly basically good but wrong-headed people among them, include far too many sciopathic, narcissistic, greedy and flat out mean power mongers who want to seize power and use it to advantage themselves and then - to feel most happy with themselves, to beggar damn near everyone else so that the gap is bigger than otherwise and they can then feel more special by having that gap.

I did say sciopathic.

They now control the media and intelligence mechanisms and the government contractors, be they consultant/think tank, or death merchandise manufacturers owning the Pentagon in league with the senior officer corps. They need to be pushed aside. If anyone envisions Tom Perez pushing aside such a bunch from his DNC post, try instead a dose of reality. Tom Perez is their toady, or at best, Tom Perez has to PROVE he is not; having served under toadies Holder and Obama.

The likelihood of Justice Democrats and the My Revolution people gaining change is not great; but that likelihood lessens the greater the degree of indifferent "moral support" Justice Democrats gain when they need others to stand up with them, even when the brute force of a propaganda press and a militarized police are brought against them as with the Occupy effort and the Ferguson example of having to take disgust to the streets. The sixties were killed at Kent State and Jackson State, and this time success would - with the proof in intervening years - be a far better outcome for humanity and humane people the world over.

TPP and globalization are pitched as leveling things because all folks are as human as we are, their needs and hopes being the same; but then the pattern is to beggar the better-off general populations while the international deals are rigged crap so that the wealthy financiers on Wall Street, in London, in Hong Kong, and in Europe can be assured of international law under which they can own everything even outside of their own nations of residence.

It should be fought. It is morally wrong. It is inhumanity ruling. It is capitalism without brakes. It is sick mind, no heart.

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