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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

For all the incompetence of the 2016 Democratic Party, with all the DNC money spent; where did the money go? Who took it, doing what?

If you do not want your money wasted down a rat hole called DC beltway consultants, or for all we know stolen by masked bandits, then do not give any of it to the DNC unless/until they open up their books.

Two recently posted YouTube items: here and here. Please do watch them; and the first is the shorter of the two if time is limited.

If the DNC really wants Keith Ellison's help, and will play fair with him in return, he is not a small person, and would work for grassroots support; but then the DNC would have to support grassroots - words being cheap, but money gets spent, and if not on the grassroots, back to the beginning of the post. On what? Crony consultants? Podesta? Robby Mook?

Wow. What a return on investment!

Either Ellison will be utilized in a way to be effective, or will dissociate himself one way or another from the DNC's apparent present direction. Which is its past direction, Wasserman Schultz and Perez not looking too similar, but what's the new guy's conduct going to look like?

It will take time to determine what's what, but there is time between now and November 2018, November 2020.

And the notion that corporate Democrats may hold, it's Trump after all, anybody who can fog a mirror will be able to unseat him, well anybody did not even win with the seat open. So anybody will not be able to unseat where the trend recently has been two terms for any president: Clinton, Bush II, Obama; without regard to quality. (In fairness to Ms. Clinton, she could fog a mirror. As could Cory Booker. Or Tom Perez. Or Tim Kaine. Even Podesta, if he could write and read emails, he could fog a mirror.)

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