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Friday, February 03, 2017

Clearly, European Left-wing extremism at its judgmental worse: THE ECONOMIST??? Unduly harsh on the Trumpster of the United States?

This link.

The studied analysis is not kind to Bannon, but that distaste is reciprocal. A Euro-wide cohesion including Russia might happen, given how energy resources and uses already exist between NATO Europe and Russia. Would it be helpful to a peaceful century? Would it impact dollar hegemony? If so, what would be the host of repercussions? It appears Russia has annexed its warm water Black Sea port, to stay there. So will it now be a key energy shipping point? With capital committed toward that end? Study a topographic map to try to answer that question. Between the oil and gas fields and the consumer market, what are the feasible routes - apart from sabotage worry, just in terms of elevations.

What is in the future for Qatar and its gas pipeline hopes, and for the Saudis and their Wahabi inclinations? If Russia and the US are to find common ground, would the Saudis be happy with that, and should we care? The Saudis depend on surrogate fighting forces, with consequent indelicacies about wagging by the tail instead of the dog.

Is the theme for four years of Trump one of a collision of cultures, whatever that's supposed to encompass, or about balance sheets?

Will coporatist lust for trade alliances that are business-centric rather than nation-centric merely be put on hold as a US Supreme Court owned by corporatist inclination grows more so? "Great Again" so far has not been about fairness to the 99% but how long will it take the deluded among the 99% to awaken and smell the coffee? If ever? What besides the next great Depression will it take to realign fair and decent government for the people? That clearly is not on the Trump agenda. Words came easy and the Clintons differed little from Trump beyond Bubba being the better elocutioner among the pair of spouses. Keener at lying to the public and having the brand sell. Republican lite as a loyal opposition needs rethinking, and Ellison at DNC with superdelegate elimination would relax enough pressure that Democratic Party lethargy sloughing-off might happen. The 99% have no other real hope aside from that so the big question is how much permanent nationwide and worldwide damage can a lout pack cram into four years. And - Make that eight years or more if the Democratic Party's present ownership plays hardball with the people; which, far more than a hypothetical worry is, instead, the entire nub of uncertainty. Will the bastards yield an inch?

FURTHER: Perhaps an even more intriguing question, clearly a hypothetical and having a more limited and immediate reach, would the skill sets at Cambridge Analytica include the capability of hacking the DNC and Podesta?

Intrigue being at the heart of being intriguing. You know, I bet those folks could . . .

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