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Monday, February 06, 2017

Bernie soldiers on. The Republicans have no healthcare plan. Stating the obvious, if only Trump supporters could hear.

This online video.

Truth has not always prevailed since before the time Cassandra said "Do not take that horse inside town walls."

So, you have the link and are not a knuckle-dragger, so watch it. Fourteen minutes of your time.

Remember the propaganda BIG LIE of George Herbert Walker Bush, "Read my lips, no new taxes"?

Bernie uses a prop, the porpaganda BIG LIE of the Trumpster of the United States, and it's as big as Bush the Elder's. As offensive. As disdainful of trusting people. At about 10:30 minutes into the floor speech. This screen capture:

click the image to read the tweet

What, expect a new tweet,"So I lied. Sad. Yes. But what are you able to do about it?"

It is the truth, and shouldn't a President be truthful? A principle honored in the breach, via campaign promising. And the Democrats offered no viable presidential alternative, as Bernie, as a matter of decency, omitted from his floor speech. His standing, talking, proof in the flesh a viable alternative existed and captured massive campaign crowds. But the Democrats seem to have not cared that the Republicans would get the spoils. Or they lacked the understanding to have foreseen it. Either way they got trumped.

UPDATE: Yes the Sanders floor speech is a month old; but it somehow resonates on. Trump lied.

Surely with Bernie it resonates on. Only yesterday he noted on TV - Trump is a fraud. That was true a month ago, it is true yesterday, and for four years time and again it will be substantiated. Good for Bernie. May he prosper over the next four years, and then some. He is honest. Rare in DC.

Besides Politico reporting Bernie's yesterday's J'Accuse, give CNN credit for a less comprehensive item, while publishing the gist. Daily Caller. RT. So, you want WaPo, you want NY Times? Try a web search on your own. AP? Reuters? Then try a search = trump refugees

Learn something that way. Compare this and this, for who shows up on the story. MSNBC? FOX? Rupert and Comcast have no gain in telling you the wealthy and big corporations are screwing you blue. Gee. That's a surprise. What about Glenn Beck?

Depend on mainstream media, and just get wet.

FURTHER: What is dispiriting in all this, the Muslim ban gets full press coverage, tediously so but not in terms of what is the future intent against these seven earmarked nations, but tongue-clucking, about un-American dimensions. Yes, those concerns are real. But they do not merit a barrage of mainstream media hyper-attention, along with Trump playing his part in claiming media-victim status; while what's been done is to put up a big lightening rod while there are weasels scurrying around beneath its reach to the skies, putting billionaires into trust positions and hewing away at social safety net programs while the noise serves to distract. Bernie is not heard. Bernie's critique is not reported. Bernie speaks in coherent strung together sentences developing a theme of truth. The idiots want tweets, and get tweets, and wherever the lightning strikes, it does not hit the weasels, since they've that giant lightning rod running all the atmospheric energy to ground, absent any weasel being hit.

Paul Ryan loves it. Trump, Bannon, Conway, the Mercers and the plutocrats and generals love it too. Snickering all the time.

Can you say "vouchers?" The press apparently cannot, not in terms of any editorial disapproval. But the press is owned by plutocrats, and gives the populace what's "best for them."

FURTHER: Le Pen is reported by FOX as saying Brexit and Trump's election "revealed the 'awakening of the people against oligarchies.' She praised Trump as a man who respects campaign promises and 'acts quickly.'" Goldman Sachs agrees. Bob and daughter Becky Mercer too. It's near-unanimous. Among those who matter.

We on the left can praise the Le Pen echoed nationalist/colonialist mood and culture-mongering - her sort - for US takeover after Dien Bien Phu and for the Battle of Algiers being landmark cinema, outlasting Bardot. Charles Martel like her dad. What's her career beyond taking over the family business? Is she happy over French involvement in Libya? Does she own war shares; Dessault, etc., rather than Alcatel in the portfolio?

How is the French press handling her brand? Think of it this way: Her 144 commitments outnumbers Luther's church door theses. Productive politics even while short of a doubling of the number.

Where's Le Pen getting her campaign money? Anybody have any insight into that? For all the stateside coverage she gets, her money could be coming from Goldman Sachs with nobody saying. The GS overlords appear to not be frugal, but concerned about return on investment, which she'd be, to them were they to be the ones investing. How does one say, "Follow the money," in French.

FURTHER: One comment needs fleshing out, the French left VietNam reasonably quickly after staying showed itself to be unwise. Unlike the US, which dragged a bad decision out unconscionably. However, after WW II the French, likely Le Pen types, tried unwisely to hang onto the occupied colonial model as opposed to the Euro-American economic imperialism model, central bank, IMF, World Bank and fellow travelers. Syria between the world worlds had French occupation, which some might blame for that part of the Middle East being worse off than otherwise. It might be false criticism, but again the shield-pounding right wing was at fault, not French socialism - as best as such things are understood an ocean away by a non-speaker of the French language. Getting news filtered first by French press, then by US press and academia and government really is a bottleneck through which truth rather than disinformation should flow. French readers who might have helpful comments are urged to submit.

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