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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wow. I saw local state legislative results, and presumed the worse. Instead, the sun shines brighter and the birds sing sweeter. Now Dayton can be put to the test of whether "tax the rich" was/is all talk and no action. We await seeing if he amounts to more than Wilfare and giving Ted Mondale a cushy paycheck and job.

MinnPost, reporting election stuff online here, states:

Also, with incomplete returns, the DFL has regained control of both houses of the state Legislature, which they lost in 2010. The new Senate appears to have 39 DFLers and 28 Republicans, with the House makeup appearing to be 73 DFLers and 61 Republicans.

And that is bittersweet, because both Perovich brothers lost to rabid right-wing idealogues. The ALEC maven having defeated Paul Perovich; the would-be education destroyer having out-polled Peter Perovich.

And the county went darker; and Paul Ryan retained his seat in Congress.

On the whole, good things. Too much of the less good, however, to be a total sweep.

Wait until next time.

Let's see the Minnesota Health Plan effectuated.

Let's see the rich fairly taxed for a change, at least in Minnesota.

The State's electorate on balance did well for itself.

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