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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The potential for tax relief, real for the majority of Minnesotans, not just fire staff, and kick the can down the road as we in Ramsey have seen.

This link.

Is kick Landform down the road a part of a sound answer, Ramsey-wise?

That is not my decision, but in January, if not sooner, it may be debated.

And it would be in the context of what worked or did not work well over the last several years, and whether changing course is sound or wrong.

The election vote was strong for new faces. But setting policy is going to be up to them, and they can make mistakes too. I have a gut feeling that people like Mark Kuzma and Sarah Strommen will not indulge in cronyism, nor do I expect either to be too attuned to any particular county board voice and viewpoint. That should prove good for Ramsey.

At the State level, tax the rich and make Minnesota a bellweather example of what a sound administered healthcare approach can look like. Expect an interesting session.

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