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Monday, November 12, 2012

RAMSEY RELATED: Another Flaherty "domino." If it falls, what other Flaherty adventures might it imperil?

This link. I wonder if either Flaherty or Collins have any equity in this hummer, of if it is another bootstrap adventure, trading on the money of others.

The article says $33 million for the play, but does not say whose money is in play.

25,000 square feet of retail. Ramsey, in its infinitely better negotiation through Landform, had a match going, to get Flaherty to commit to 3000 square feet.

Sophisticated negotiation can beat negotiation that nails down a commission, incentive payment, whatever the term du jour is for Landform's taking a commission.

A four story parking garage, 400 spaces.

Who paid for it in this instance? Taxpayers? Flaherty? The Easter Bunny?

I wish the report had gotten into whose money was/is at risk, how deeply, in this newly reported Flaherty "product." A quote:

"For many years, Fishers residents have expressed their desire to have a vibrant, walkable downtown," said Fishers Town Council Member David George in a prepared statement. "This is a defining project in Fishers' history and we are determined to make it a project that residents will enjoy and be proud of."

Dave Flaherty, president of Flaherty & Collins, agreed, saying the project would help create “a pedestrian-friendly downtown where people can live, shop, dine and be entertained.”

The town’s director of community development, Tom Dickey, said officials are working through final details with Flaherty & Collins in preparation for a mid-2013 groundbreaking. Those details include approval of using tax-increment financing to fund part of the project.

Well, TIF, and bloviating, "a pedestrian-friendly downtown where people can live, shop, dine and be entertained."

According to our loving landlord, Mr. Flaherty, the foremost authority.

It sounds like a scripted too often heard crock to me.

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