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Monday, November 19, 2012

Pay the piper, call the tune? Grover the guardian Rottwiler may need more of an attention getter?

This Think Progress page, also noted on Hullabaloo (click the screen capture to enlarge and read):

"Two smaller tapeworms are not an improvement over one big tapeworm. Tapeworms and taxes grow." Wow, Grover the Rottwiler, on deworming? Perhaps, just perhaps, to bring Grover back onto his assigned barking message, suitable Koch Brothers' kindler, gentler retraining may have been required.

Go to the original page to follow links, or to read the entire Think Progress post.

Good news. This link, from the Think Progress item deserves its own highlight. The sun shines brighter. A new dawn brings it on.

So what is the new mood of incoming Republicans in the House and Senate that suggests Norquist is losing touch? That link from The Hill reports:

“I don’t want to sign a pledge that’s going to tie my hands,” Ted Yoho, a GOP congressman-elect from Florida, told The Hill. “I need free rein to do what I think is right for the people in my district and the country.”

Yoho is no fan of taxes, calling them “a necessary evil, it appears.” He said one reason he did not sign the pledge was that he had never met Norquist. “To sign a pledge to somebody that’s not a member of Congress or part of my constituency, I don’t think would be very prudent,” Yoho said.

It certainly turned out to not have been helpful for pledge-signing Tim Pawlenty, in opting for his cigarette "fee." But this Yoho guy did use the word "prudent."

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