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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Deficit scolds should be told to go away.

Krugman, here per the headline, and here, per playing let's not make a deal.

The term, "fiscal cliff" is in invention of Chicken Little prognosticators; and not one formed out of belief, but out of intent. Believing the sky will fall is quite different from saying: The sky will fall unless we screw those dependent on the social contract safety net.

Before the election the obstructionist attitude was advanced to make political hay, to say look how bad the Obama economy remains, when Obama wanted steps that were sabotaged so that the story could be told the Republican way, which, it turned out, voters did not believe.

Yet they sing the same tune. Hoping repetition gains concession.

Hammer them. Paul Ryan is back at his congressional mischief.

First, go over the so-called cliff.

Then say, okay, now that is over. Now let's cut taxes for the lower-middle class. Then do something really radical. Instead of talking of it, DO IT. CUT TAXES FOR THOSE NOW PAYING AN UNFAIRLY HIGH SHARE IN ORDER TO FOSTER FAT CAT HAPPINESS WITH THEIR STRESS-FREE STATUS QUO.

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