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Thursday, November 15, 2012

... and not only that, the man never raided a single corporation and probably would not know how ... treats tax returns as if there is some public right to know would-be presidential fact and detail ... my money ...

Here, CBS news online Nov. 14, and here, L.A. Times, same date. Nice photo, number 13, here. Sincerity and warmth are things you can sometimes feel, even through an image.

Same basic story, different L.A. Times author, here. Compare the tone and "editorial content" of the two separate L.A. Times approaches to the story. Same outlet, same Maeve Reston, here, Nov. 15; vs the earlier linked Nov. 14 item. My impression is Reston's Nov. 15 item is true to who the Repbulican nominee always was, more so than the "more objective" Nov. 14 item. Truth sometimes is better told with less polite wording, where the story merits it. You decide whether some abstract "truth" or influencing opinion one way or the other is the aim of "journalism," (a nostalgic word at best since it is writing news stories day-by-day for an editor and a deadline, with nobody keeping a journal or a thread of stories as Winston Churchill did, about the Boer War and colonial happenings as he viewed them, on tour in his younger years). Journaling the wild west was a subplot in the film, "The Unforgiven," where it was mocked without the script and imaging being too ham handed in the mockery. Having a film character doing express mocking worked well.

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