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Monday, June 01, 2015

Too little, too late. From Col. Kline. A gentleman who has been too misdirected, too long.

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Kline finally awakens from his see-no-evil love affair with for-profit student loan mills.

2016 is overdue time to use the broom.

The linked Strib item notes:

Some federal lawmakers, state attorneys general and student advocates say that those who attended Corinthian Colleges should not have to repay loans after allegations by the Department of Education and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that the company lied to students about job prospects and relied on unseemly recruitment practices. The collapse of Corinthian, which ceased U.S. operations in April, was among the biggest meltdowns nationally in the lucrative for-profit college industry.

Kline said in a statement that he supports loan forgiveness for former Corinthian students.

In Minnesota, state officials last year barred Corinthian from enrolling any new students in its Eagan-based Everest Institute.

Unseemly is a good word with which one might hope the Nuclear Football Col. might finally gain familiarty. Still, CD2 folks,


As to motivations underlying the blind-eye of the Col. we can only guess. The Strib item did add:

As chairman of the House Education and Workforce Committee, a significant number of Kline’s donors come from education-related industries. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the for-profit college industry has contributed $389,958 to Kline over the past two campaign cycles, making him the No. 1 recipient of for-profit college contributions in the House. Corinthian’s political action committee and its executives have donated $30,500 to Kline or PAC since 2010.

Corinthian even continued donating to Kline after it got in trouble with the feds. Public records show the last donation of $2,500 was made about six weeks after the U.S. Department of Education fined Corinthian $30 million for falsifying its job placement rates last year.

How tolerant or indifferent can CD2 voters be? Wake up.


_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
How many times must how many people have to say the same thing over and over? BROOM, folks. Please.

_____________FURTHER UPDATE_____________
Mere detail, and why would a CD2 registered voter care to read such stuff, and follow links? Might the Col. have relied too much on inattention to detail by others? Or, at best, might he himself finally be paying attention to for-profit student debt mill details beyond the size of certain contribution checks? Only the Col. knows ...

Now with this link, is it relevant to ask, what's in Kline's portfolio? How has it been traded during his tenure in Congress? How has it been traded in comparison to votes by the gentleman? Might Strib, or City Pages ask?

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