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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tom Steward, on Record.

- knowing best -
The John K. Anoka County Record website now is carrying Tom Steward stuff, along with its every-issue Tax Payer League Chairman's "paid advertisement" woofing.

Toadying as right-wing as ever, so when will we again see Katherine Kerstin's byline on a regular galling basis - this time, on Record?

Cred' to you, or same old brand of astroturf? Opinions can differ. Do you buy into the blueprint?

UPDATE: In my view of the history and intent of public education, I distrust vouchers (This link, see top of its p.4).  Check out that item, it touts standardized testing expenses as justified. A favorite sentence (again, top of p.4)

Recommendation 1: Implement a strong voucher program. The Minnesota legislature should pass, and the governor should sign, a strong voucher bill, based on the successful Wisconsin and Milwaukee model described above.

I find that impressive because the online item currently has no description of any particular voucher plan "above;" a mistake unlikely to be made even by a non-vouchered middle school student of ordinary capability.

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