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Friday, June 12, 2015

The Minnesota Senator from Little Canada telling it as it is. Dayton deserves a share of the scorn.

This link, Strib reporting about Friday June 12 legislative special session ramp-up:

Sen. Bev Scalze, DFL-Little Canada, said Dayton should relent and listen to the 29 senators — all DFLers — who voted against the environmental bill. She expressed dismay at how legislators have been largely left out of budget negotiations, and said Dayton has struggled to hold the line against GOP policies that members of his party oppose.

“People have forgotten that he wanted to have a robust transportation bill,” Scalze said. “He gave up on that. Then he wanted to have pre-K for 4-year-olds. He gave up on that. Then he didn’t want to have the auditor’s office gutted. He gave up on that. So it’s kind of like, ‘Let’s roll the Senate environmental people and the governor and we’ll get our way.’ ”

Dayton, in an effort to avoid the third state government shutdown in a decade, vociferously opposed allowing legislators to amend the pending budget bills. He said he would have “zero tolerance” for attempts to slow down the special session, and he threatened to campaign against legislators in their districts if they oppose his efforts for a fast-tracked solution.

Accountable to constituents

DFL senators left quickly after their caucus meeting broke up about 10 p.m. Several indicated they wouldn’t back down even if it means the environmental bill fails.

The man rolled over for Daudt, and Scalze nailed the description 110%. And that "zero tolerance" bit?

So what?

When leadership fails on the part of the Senate Majority Leader and the Governor, those of the same party can either roll over on bad stuff, or follow their consciences, which appears to be the case. Dayton sold out on the environment. It is that simple. He let Daudt have his will. He failed mightily and DESERVES to be called to task.

A roll-over governor is not what voters electing him expected. It appears to be what they got.

One hopes the farmers push for compromise by their Republican reps so they can get their perks and the poultry producers can get a cushion on their bird flu losses.

Dayton-Bakk-Daudt are painting their party (wait, one of them is actually GOP) into a corner because of that troika's will to gut protection of the environment. In a shameful cave-in to forces of darkness.

Let the Senators of conscience carry the day. And let them ASAP jettison Bakk and his staff cronies. Replace. Upgrade. Reform. Yesterday was not early enough for that upgrade.

UPDATE: One has to wonder, the teachers were willing to go with the negotiated education bill, Auditor fallout not their concern. The public employees do not want a furlough. Doesn't Dayton see any constituency beyond those two unions and the construction trades who got Zygi Wilfare jobs? SHOW HIM.

FURTHER UPDATE: Andy half-understands, and his hyperbole distracts, but he is looking at conduct one expects more from Bakk, bullying, than from Dayton. This link.

FURTHER UPDATE: MPP's lead item on TPP and TAA is on point and very, very important, nationally, i.e., beyond local in-state happenings, so go read this post. Sorensen punts from mid-field on fourth-and-one; this who-really-cares-much-about-Bradlee-Dean item. Rome is aflame, good fiddling.

FURTHER UPDATE: Gary Gross posts, so can you stand the crowing; here, and then here, fairly aptly saying:

Poor Gov. Dayton. He got taken to the cleaners by a used car salesman named Kurt Daudt.

Well, two things - first it was not Gary's insight, but Doug Grow's quoted by Gary. Then, is it correct? I remember Wind in the Willows, Bere Rabbit, not wanting to be thrown into the briar patch, saying so, pleading as best the bunny could. Between Bere Rabbit possibilities, and the language Andy cited, who is who; can you tell without a scorecard?

FURTHER UPDATE: Half the day has passed, and it is still super galling. The man cut a very crappy deal, and then acts and talks as if an emperor or something because folks hold their noses and say, "Phew." Where is this governor coming from? It is him at his worse. Doug Grow is correct, he got bested by a used-car salessman, and the impression is it was only because he wanted it to be, the Bere Rabbit -- Briar Patch scenario, and he has the unmerited hubris to fulminate and criticize critics of his mess as bad team players?

Get real Mark Dayton!

Bad job.

Don't fire a team, fire a manager, a head coach. Don't people learn anything from pro and college sports????

FURTHER UPDATE: It makes one wonder, whatever happened to "Tax the Rich?" Nice a slogan as "CHAHGE," right?

Is as does, brands false promising. Start with blackballing Bakk.

Thissen for Governor. In retrospect, that should have been last cycle's theme. We watch. We learn.

FURTHER UPDATE: You have to presume Dayton listens to Cargill. What can you guess those folks are advising him to do? That's not a backhanded slap at them, it is a basic and proper question with an answer of which I have no grasp are hint. It is an answerto which they and Dayton hold the exclusive non-public answer.

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