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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hegseth hosting Rubio in New Hampshire, on VA and veterans issues, before Hegseth's organization.

Card players might know:
"Man with the Axe"
This link. A guess would be Hegseth is not endorsing any GOP presidential candidate, but that any wishing to speak to his group would be accepted on equal terms. Does any reader know whether this is so, or is Hegseth in the Rubio camp?

Also a question for readers, would Bernie Sanders, (Senator from a New Hampshire neighboring state), be a welcome speaker before the group? Sanders surely should be welcome. He's on the Committee.

So that no veteran may vote uninformed, or ill-informed by name callers intent to mislead, Sanders' record on veteran issues; e.g., here, here and here. He does not merely talk the talk. Or if you choose, rely on Republican political operative Peter Hegseth to tell you, "Vote GOP." And be ready to dodge and duck if you see he is carrying an axe.

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
With the Hegseth/Rubio stint in New Hampshire adding to news of Hegseth's current activities outside of Minnesota, a "where are they now" question arises, first, Wikipedia reports:

Cravaack is the father of two boys and does not do any lobbying in Washington, D.C. He now teaches Social Studies at Bishop Guertin High School, a Catholic College Preparatory School in Nashua, New Hampshire.

As another veteran, in New Hampshire, Cravaack might have been at the Hegseth/Rubio confab. One wonders if he remains politically active, while teaching.

On top of that, a "where are they now image," again from Wikipedia:

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