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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rand Paul says "Disclose, disclose, sunshine on TPP is needed." Not those exact words, but decide whether it's a fair paraphrase.

The Hill, this link. It seems he should have spoken earlier and more often. However, for a one-shot stunt, it parallels his vote-postponement-based-on-page-length proposal. Easy to say ...

In a climate change denial posture, Andy A. also is a TPP skeptic, stating in part:

My Congressman Tom Emmer has been supportive of the plan so far, I hope he changes his mind and votes no.

Andy has yet to figure out Fitz and Big Stan hold the puppet strings top-side, so Andy, contact Fitz and pitch. He likely still remembers you, and Hubbard likely would not return a phone call, (were you to have his number).

Being on the Financial Services Committee and likely wanting Wall Street to help finance his reelection, Emmer can see on which side his bread is buttered. If not, Fitz can tell him.

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