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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Andy at Residual Forces writes of a distrust and dislike of the way Boehner operates. Absent, strangely, is any connect to his CD6 person, Emmer, nor any part of the distrust and dislike for the House Financial Services Committee and those on it.

Ditto when his CD6 person was Bachmann; ditto, that identical House committee. Wall Street being a source of campaigning cash to MB, without a peep from Andy.

He's got the Watchdog's blind right eye. Or is there another explanation?


That email he writes of:
Andy, to have a say, forward it to Emmer. In doing that, ask Emmer to articulate why he sought that Wall Street committee assignment; and if he is to not be or appear as a thrall to Wall Street, ask gentleman Emmer to pledge:

I will not accept any Wall Street money for my future campaigns. Nor will I serve as a tool of big media, local or national, if such media is liking DC GOP congressional leadership as it is, procedurally and as to corporatism as a policy.

Good luck there, Andy fella.

KSTP. Stanley Hubbard's flagship reporting.

Could somebody tell Andy to compare

with the Google cache of the identically numbered ...//s3768252.shtml Hubbard flagship item.

Andy deserves that heads up. And quick, before the cache gets updated.

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
I am uncertain, but I might earlier have written a mistake. Emmer is currently listed as on the House Ag Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee, (assignments Cargill must like). I seem to recall a change that way being reported earlier. However, I am confused, per this taken-today screen capture of Emmer's official House webpage saying "Financial Services:"

At any rate, the gentleman did align himself with the moneyed backers of TPP and Fast Track trade policy; his website says so, per the TAA part of things, as does this item (which also states he did not vote against TPP - Fast Track, something omitted from the official Emmer website).

___________FURTHER UPDATE___________
Readers might find this link helpful in distinguishing TPP, TPA, TAA and the other confusions the politicians, in their wisdom, have smoke screened via acronyms anonymous.

Readers might also be helpful in clarifying Emmer House committee assignments; as well as perhaps fleshing out the context of Andy's dissatisfactions; given how Andy declined to do so.

__________FURTHER UPDATE__________
Somebody might also remind Andy that all politics is local, and he's loosing touch with, (or suppressing), local dimensions of CD6 in the course of tirade and fulmination.

__________POSSIBLY FINAL UPDATE_________
I was right the first time, and wrong in doubting myself. The musical chairs getting Emmer as close to Wall Street as was Bachmann is reported here; and his trade votes might be argued as less in support of the American workforce, and instead consistent with earlier reported Emmer favorites.

So is Andy now in the Rand Paul camp? Or what?

___________ONE MORE JUMP IN_____________
HufPo carries, "White House Trade Strategy: Talk Progressive, Use Wall Street to Negotiate the Deal, by Mike Lux, Co-Founder, Democracy Partners," which states:

When I was in the Clinton administration, I kept suggesting smart progressive people whom I thought would be great to have on the U.S. Trade Representative's negotiating team, because the president had promised that they would negotiate treaties with progressive values in mind. None of the people I recommended was ever seriously considered. And when I would arrange meetings for progressive-minded folks to come in and talk to negotiators from USTR, I got sent memos attacking me for trying to "undermine" the process.

The pattern continued in the Obama administration. I was on the Obama transition team, but no progressive I suggested was ever even interviewed for USTR. The folks appointed at USTR have all been Wall Street-oriented Democrats, including the current head of USTR, Michael Froman, who was a senior executive at Citibank. Shocking, then, that the TPP is, by and large, a giveaway to the finance industry.

[links in original] Connecting dots is not hard when there are mainly those two big ones, Wall Street writing the terms and conditions and Emmer servicing the financiers while on the Financial Services Committee.

It seems there should be some so-called "grassroots" holding of feet to the fire.

Not so. Andy simply rants. Against Boehner. He has no vote either way, for or against Boehner. Folks in Ohio have that.

Yo, Andy. Can you see Emmer, right in front of you, servicing financiers and not you?

Objections were not born yesterday. A half year ago, while skids were being greased among the privileged and powerful, unrest was afoot; this link.

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