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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

RAMSEY - Flaherty got it. Now everybody in line wants it.

That is not a hard "it" to guess.

Those guessing subsidy can attend the meeting and collect their gold star.

This link.

Another parking garage, or less reaching?

One certainty, the agenda mentions a "comparable" adventure:

It is being pitched as visually akin to Flaherty's thing, so that consistency would, unfortunately, prevail.

Ugly down the street, from Big Ugly on the Ramp.

Here's a hoot, from another agenda item:

High quality architecture and building materials is an essential component in fulfilling the objectives of the COR Design Framework.

Believe what you are told. Especially if in writing and posted on the web.

Ignore what your eyes tell you. They are in error. Town officials know best.

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