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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Copperheads and the biff: The worry, not as sometimes, too many copperheads around the outhouse. Instead, it's, well, the smell. And while homelessness happens in metro there's nonetheless a better funding priority for a prime-elegant biff. In Nowhere. But Nowhere on the Range. [UPDATED]

source: Copperhead Snake control

Web reporting is that "2015 ‘worst year’ for copperhead snakes" -- in some areas. So, does the legislative hill in St. Paul have a copperhead problem? The snakes usually are more rural. Usually somewhat more southern.

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Loretta Lynn's book mentions the copperhead - outhouse difficulty (excerpt at left).

So, with all the copperheads showing up these days in Range areas, realize please, a $300,000 biff-in-Nowhere can hardly be questioned.

After all, Nowhere in this case is a part of the Range, hence, it is really worth Minnesota public-money funding by our esteemed legislature, to build the big brick biff. Really. Despite, whatever Strib reporting might imply.

Just quell the copperheads. Do not let the copperheads seize control of the process, because even when chopped up with an axe [hello, Hegseth] the head "could still bite you." (That's Loretta's recollection of a warning from her dad during childhood.)

Now, a modern day communication tower addon, in Nowhere II, but on the Range, dry as it is with antennas only, is that of interest to copperheads? Some may suggest so. The bottom line just seems, you have to quell the copperheads, or suffer consequences.

UPDATE: Can a duck search tell you much at all about copperheads?

FURTHER UPDATE: Coverage of the loo, too, at Bluestem Prairie, noting the Timberjay appears to have first focused publishing upon the unusual level of spending where legislative time-off-from-the-job relaxation and hosting happens, up North.

The brashness of self-service among those people can astound.

And, by the way, our Anoka County Connexus rate payments, money from households for power to the people, seems to have trickled a bit to an unsavory end, via Great River Energy spending for a share of "representation" among Copperheads.

And there is a curious differing between the list Strib published days ago, and current Cerkvenik clients the Campaign Finance Board lists for the gentleman's lobbying; with CenturyLink and Great River, e.g., omitted from the Glen Taylor's Strib listing - as if the man, Cerkvenik, only operates home, on the Range.

It appears others buy into his servicing. People like that can be thought of as cancers on the body politic, should that be one's view of lobbyists. And one wonders whether CenturyLink might do well for itself if being the telco actually following up by putting up the Minnesota Senator David Tomassoni Memorial Twenty-first Century Rural Communication Upgrade Link, in Nowhere, on the Range.

Per that Bluestem Prairie earlier report Sorensen likens the special earmarking to the metro-area Chaudhary situation, where there was not a wink and a nod and moving on; Sorensen noting,

We were reminded of an earlier controversy over a legislative provision related to a former senator's lake property. In 2010, then Senator Satveer Chaudhary, a DFLer, got into a bit of a pickle over a provision that didn't even make it into statute.

(Check the Sorensen report for a quote from the Wikipedia page about the years-ago Chaudhary dust-up) There is much to suggest a conscious parallelism between that earlier situation, and the disapprobation it drew, and the Tomassoni situation which has not so far drawn widespread disapprobation; it rather being accorded "business as usual on the Range" attention.

Contrast that to the whining from Daudt and others about metro area favoritism among legislators. It's time to lift the Iron Range rock and examine the scurrying vermin; or is that step long overdue but finally, hopefully, brought to a head in reaction to recent end of session DFL northern grounded copperhead hijinks?

FURTHER UPDATE: Do check out that duck search link given earlier, and read a little among the search return list. It may prove informative in introducing a gentleman many may otherwise not have known of, in terms of his reach and grasp - and audacity.

FURTHER UPDATE: While the main thread somewhat parallel to this one is carried by Aaron Brown's work, a suitable preface for reading Brown is a Timmer post, here (with links specifically to Brown's work as well as other things). Rather than link directly to Brown posting, by only giving the preface link I am trying to channel reader attention.

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