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Friday, June 26, 2015

Juan Cole has three interesting recent items on his Informed Comment website.

Here, here and here; not necessarily in any particular order.

Bernie having overflow crowds is a reminder of Eugene McCarthy's appeal because of disgust over Vietnam. McCarthy did draw large vocal vigorous crowds; but got torpedoed, while Bob Kennedy got shot dead.

McCarthy fared better.

CNN image
Ultimately the McCarthy effort did not work. Let us hope Bernie's effort works out better for the nation than giving us 1 and a partial term of Dick Nixon or possibly two full terms of today's surrogate Dick Nixon.

Jeb, he actually looks more like W than Nixon, however, ...

What is Katherine Harris doing these days? Wikipedia only says "computer executive" in its sidebar. Could she be working for a standardized testing firm? It would compute. The only recent news easily located, HufPo 2013, here. As to computer expertise/experience indicia online, here and here. Sourcewatch has no Katherine Harris entries from this decade. I could not find a votesmart entry. Has the lady gone underground? Hiding somewhere with a sack of never counted Broward County ballots? Any reader help would be appreciated. Perhaps Jeb! knows. Something.

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