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Friday, June 26, 2015

Curiously, Chief Justice Roberts votes in the majority to support the status quo insurance-industry arrangements for provision of healthcare in our naion, and chooses himsef to author majority opinions. Opinions favoring healthcare insurance premium payments flowing to insurance firms.

He practiced privately for fourteen years besides being in government service:


Also, this link. Here and here. Here.

Here on Robert's majority opinion for the latest federal pro-insurance-industry opinion, subsidized premiums for insurers. Here and here on curiosities about the earlier pro-insurance-industry opinion, forced payment of insurance premiums under penalty of penalty, i.e., either play or pay.

Oh, this also. Has the man ever met an insurance premium payment he did not like?

Also, here, here, here and here. The first three arguably cumulative; the final one somewhat original in outlook. Whatever happened behind closed doors and behind the Iron Curtain of secrecy clothing off the Supremes' deliberations from sunshine beyond what the issued opinions say; Roberts' fabricating a "majority" opinion favoring insurance companies getting otherwise unavailable premium payments per the individual mandate decision back in 2012, "reasoned" as it was, might be argued as heavy on juris, light on prudence, but dead-certain explicit on premium flow continuity.

__________FURTHER UPDATE___________
If it comes to inventing theories, perhaps the Ghost of Single Payer haunted him in his sleep and he did a counter-Dickens, and Scrooged up for the insurance trade, knowing they could always ratchet up their rates as the plan favoring them settled in, all hope being the Ghost of Single Payer would be quelled that way and just sulk, and then skulk away.

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