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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Why, again, has it been so hard to get needed state dollars for Highway 10? Has it been the fiscal constipation of some of our Republican friends?

Taxpayer League Boss Chairman Harold Hamilton, aka Blind Eye to the Right Watchdog, has this to say in his so-called "newspaper," about that:

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What exactly is a "ding dong," and how is it different from a "woof woof?"

The dog never barked about Michele Bachmann until she almost lost to Graves, and the sin in a dog's mind's eye was almost losing, not being a "ding dong."

So, again, what's a "ding dong?"

And do Republicans of any faction want Reagan's 11th Commandment broken, via indiscriminate ding-dongism? Is it right? Far right? Isn't it true, ding-dongism in defense of liberty is no vice?

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