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Monday, September 29, 2014

Minnesota House District 35A candidate forum. The link again, with all readers urged to view it and figure who best to send to negotiate district interests. Follow the link in the image caption.

recorded and posted online by QCTV - this link

The screen capture is from the beginning with Mayor Strommen making introductory comments. Peter Perovich [DFL] to Strommen's right, Abigale Whelan [GOP] to Strommen's left. It is a contest on the non-judicial side of the ballot, in Cities of Ramsey and Anoka within the District. It is a district without an incumbent in the contest. It is a district in a region where transportation needs are a major concern. K-12 and workforce training are concerns. Jobs and community amenities are a concern. How might the legislature best serve the district, and important to the voting, which of the two candidates suggests the greater capability to go to the hilltop in St. Paul and do what is best for the full range of district needs.

UPDATE: At this point neither Strib, PiPress, nor ABC Newspapers have made editorial endorsements. Readers might weigh such things once published, but the most important thing is you can be comfortable at home and screen the forum session as frequently as needed to cement an idea of the candidate to favor with your vote. What could make the process easier for you, and fairer to each of the two individual candidates?

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