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Monday, September 15, 2014

FOR BETTER OR WORSE, POLLING IS UPON US. Strib reports neither Dayton nor Franken, as incumbents, show a poll majority. Yet each has a double digit lead over his GOP opponent.

Franken - McFadden, here.

Dayton - Johnson, here.

Please note that this poll and reporting comes to us even before absentee voting is allowed. As important, it is before the soon to be suffered media blitz telling us pros and cons of each party's offerings.

The smart already know their choice, and will vote absentee ASAP; and will tune all the PR propaganda out for what it is - pure flak from paid, professional flak spinners.

We don't need that. We should not want that. But we get that. Politics in the US of A. Where the big league judges tell us corporations are people like we are. Fantasyland.

And if you dislike these poll results take comfort that the next polls and the ones following that will be coming more and more fequently, each saying what it will. If you miss one bus you can wait for the next. The next bus might not be as crowded; might carry a better class of people; or might in its onboard advertising tell you what you want to be told.

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