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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

1- MN Progressive Project posts on the DFL candidates in two north metro house district contests. 2- Absentee ballots - sample ballot.

1- CANDIDATES: Susan Witt, here; Peter Perovich, here (citing Crabgrass about Whelan opposition to the minimum wage being increased). Perovich is the DFL candidate in RAMSEY, with the district including much of Anoka. The Perovich campaign website -

Ballotpedia page for Perovich,

2- ABSENTEE - SAMPLE BALLOT: Absentee voting is open this week onward, Ramsey elections page here. Ramsey residents can vote at city hall in person, at the reception desk, during regular working hours. HD 35A residents living in Anoka, this elections page (it is unclear from that page whether in person absentee voting at the Anoka city hall is available).

Any HD 35A resident can vote in person at the County elections office; see, this webpage for general election info, and here, for absentee voting detail, (whether you wish to vote absentee by mail or in person).

The Minnesota Secretary of State's find your sample ballot page:

As an example general election ballot, whether voted absentee or November at your polling place, this ballot from that SoS site - showing the contests appropriate for my home address in Ramsey, both sides, (click the thumbnail images to enlarge and read).

statewide and local side

judicial side

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