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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Brodkorb's latest on the Michelle MacDonald saga. The candidate contemplates filing a formal complaint.

This link. The criminal coercion statute, MS Sect. 609.27 is mentioned; and for the complaint, better make that an "attempt." And there should be some John Doe dimension. "They'll squash you like a bug," that "they" is uncertian so best to throw in a John Doe or two.

MacDonald likely thought of the bribery statute, MS Sect. 509.42, but gave it up; since the statute requires an offer of something of value and the best offered MacDonald if writing a certain kind of disavowal letter before a high noon deadline was a meeting with Mr. Downey and others; where it is difficult to see any value to that. Get together with dorks?

Not making her an offer she couldn't refuse?

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