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Friday, September 26, 2014

Channel 5, at it again. Only politco mentioned, Rhonda, when it's Franken and Klobuchar who delivered.

This link. Compare more local, more in touch reporting, here.

Channel 5 hypes Anoka County, another item mentions lobbying cost projections, and Tinklenberg, proving you have to look at multiple sources and then do a lot of guessing with skepticism, when success has so many parents; with more successful offspring anticipated.

And of all things, on the eve of a Senate election federal money appears.

As noted previously, the house district sent Michele Bachmann to DC too many times, and she got a bridge at one far end of the district, her end, Stillwater, and ignored the district's middle. Good luck folks, on improving House rep. effectiveness in serving the middle part of the district. Start with the right people ...

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