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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Readers, are you thinking about the ending question of the previous post. Do consider it.

This previous Ramsey-&-Anoka County politics post.

Wholly merchantable signs. Expensive as always?

Or a eyebrow raising token charge?

And, should it be a question "colored" possibly, possibly now, by who's posting on who else's facebook page? About signs? Giving don't embarrass the Corps by caving in advice. Stand your ground advice.

Vendor advice to purchaser. A factor? Should it be? Really?

Pose a hypothetical:

If it's, say, red. And the purchaser says, "I wanted orange."

Think of the little kid getting an orange fire truck for Christmas.

Disappointed? Okay.

Extrapolate from that. To adults. In a business transaction.

One wanting to be elected to a responsible public service opening.

The other holding an office where fairness, sagacity, and highest levels of rectitude should be expected. Demanded. As part of the job description. All the time. In every way. Beyond reproach. Beyond question. How it should be.

Not kid stuff, not really orange fire truck stuff.

How's that to be resolved? Fairly. Sensibly. No cuteness.

Absolutely fit for the intended purpose (stars added), what's reasonable?

Think it over.

Think of the George Carlin monologue. Altered. It's just two big clubs, and you're not in either.

Would you want to be?

___________FURTHER UPDATE____________
To assist along the process of hypothetical thinking, readers getting a sense of the scale of things, Ms. Abigale Whelan, theo-GOP for HD 35A, reporting to the CFB per this screen capture:

click the image to enlarge and read

That stuff costs real money. To run for an office. At least most of the time. Regular practice: Whelan stung seventeen hundred bucks. For signs. Matt Look printed them, invoiced them. And you can still wonder, did Whelan get off easy on the signs? Wrong shade of blue, or some such? (Whatever the invoicing practices of chosen vendors might if looked at in aggregate prove to be, we poor voting citizens only know what they tell us.)

Incidentally, for those who might care about birds of a feather: On 3/24/14 Whelan got two hundred fifty bucks from incumbent politician John Pederson of St. Cloud, (an Amcon Block employee); and another two hundred fifty bucks on 05/31/14 (end of filing quarter - boost the numbers) from Eric Lucero, (self employed),a co-theo-GOP legislative wannabe, of anti-gay agitation notoriety. Of a feather. Flocking Together. A FitzSimmons under the bus contribution. Reported as accepted by Whelan, not turned down. All that.

Oh, also, that Whelan seventeen hundred, it says "lawn signs." Not the bigger more expensive highway hummers, apparently. (If they were included you'd expect the disclosure to be "campaign signs," or the equivalent.)

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Randy Backous said...

Remember though it wasn't just the color that was wrong. Somehow the printing machine must have accidentally stamped copyrighted material all over them as well. Your questions are for the Campaign Finance Board to answer I guess. I'm still mad at myself though for using a competent sign maker who didn't screw mine up.