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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Time for a politically correct post, in light of the Adrian Peterson grand jury indictment.

This link.

UPDATE: Granddad and Riley understand it as "homesick" while Strib reports of it in terms of

intergenerational transmission.

So felony assault, or learning by the school of hard knocks? Whatever else, if there is a Peterson trial there will be jury empaneling lawyer jockeying both ways, if Granddad draws jury duty. ("Integenerational transmission" has to be a term invented by a political consultant. Or a professor of social science. Peterson did not use a "switch," he used an, "intergenerationally applied tree twig, willfully and with transmissional intent?" Yeah, that is what it was. Conflicting cultures. If he hadn't raised welts would it have reached a grand jury?)

I kid you not, there is this online, this excerpt:

What does it look like to spank in a way that obeys Scripture, modifies attitudes and behavior, and actually strengthens the bond between parent and child?

Seven Steps


The seventh step is resting? Or do we look to Revelations and seals? Is this where the Peterson prosecutor is heading? It is Texas. A scriptural standard of care, judicially imposed? A hideous and at one time outrageous thought, but then there was Hobby Lobby ...

Line adding to that red tee shirt, right after "LUKEWARM CHRISTIANS," put "OVERZEALOUS SPANKERS?" As a bet, Peterson shall heed the league's judgment more than the Lord's.

FURTHER UPDATE: Wikipedia; and here. Also: Reader help requested, where can I buy one of these ruler holders?

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