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Saturday, September 20, 2014

RAMSEY - Sept. 13, and again now, overnight, campaign sign vandalization. Wayne Buchholz signs were targeted. It is not anything but totally deplorable. It should stop. [UPDATED]

How widespread it may be is unclear, but Wayne Buchholz signs are shown as vandalized on his Facebook campaign page,

It appears four signs were ruined. In one instance adjacent Whelan signs remained intact. It was specific targeting.

Vote however you like, think what you like, say what you like, but leave the signs alone.

People take time to put up signs and others should respect that and let them be. Agree or disagree with a candidate, that's a right, but let it not reach to vandalism.

____________UPDATE: 7:06 AM 10/1/2014___________
I meant to post this sooner. While it is only hearsay and I have not spoken to any eyewitnesses of purported happenings, my understanding nonetheless is that pre-primary Justin Boals allegedly had a sign tampered with which was authorized to be placed where it was by the owner-operator of the go-kart place, where several signs now are bloc-posted along the tracks at the place where Armstrong meets Highway 10. Boals was an interesting candidate, for a local Republican, but he appears to not have generated traction with the local base. Whelan, not Boals was the endorsed candidate. But regardless of that, the man had the right to post his signs and to expect they'd be left unmolested, in repose, and not removed by some dastardly vandal-malcontent idiot. Yet it is my understanding exactly such an idiot malcontent messed with a Boals sign. It did not make FOX that it happened, so, you know, maybe it didn't and then again, maybe something got swept under a rug. Who'd do a thing like that? It's not for me to judge. Let God judge it. Again, hearsay without direct evidence, but leave it in the hands of the Divine.

It should be added, one Boals sign is not the scale of vandalism happening to Buchholz signs. It should cease. Yet while Buchholz is posting a lot about it on his facebook page, (and he has the right to be angry), he is ignoring telling us what policy thoughts, if any, he has in terms of what he'd like to see done over a four-year term if elected.

Vandalism is bad, but in this instance it is no excuse for silence on the issues, i.e., silence is not always golden. Policy/issues are what elections should hinge upon, not sympathy for someone whose hard work posting signs is undermined by bad spirited people.

As to council citizen input session events, Buchholz has written, "On Aug. 11, 2014 I went to the Ramsey City Council meeting and made a statement about the PSD LLC land sale. [...] To the Mayor and Council members I make no apology, instead I will pray for them to have a more respectful consideration of opinions made by city residents. I do consider this matter closed." So, as an issue, he still resents Jim Deal's activity while having in the past praised Jim Deal having built the VA clinic, so he appears to be of two minds on his major issue, Jim Deal. Perhaps he can pray for the lost souls of those who vandalize signs, his, and Justin Boals'.

Back to issues, Buchholz has an attitude toward Jim Deal, he dislikes franchise fees which appears to be a dead issue given the standoff between council and charter commission opinion, and he criticized the city buying and tearing down one retail business along Highway 10 and feels justified to judge another retail establishment, instead of letting the market judge it as a success or failure in terms of the likes and dislikes of the buying public, vs. his own personal likes and dislikes. That is about all there is there on issues; the suggestion being he'd want to impose personal value judgments on retail license seekers and the lawful merchandise they'd offer the public, rather than following zoning code existing at the time of a business license application, i.e., go with personal whims and tastes rather than leaving such things properly to the will of the market and the rule of law. Not my bag of Tea.

________FURTHER UPDATE: 8:47 AM 10/1/2014__________
I don't want/need NO Nanny: Does one need to go to the decision maker of the family to gain an issues viewpoint?

And do you want the pair put into a position of any ability to be interfering in your own decision making needs and reproductive planning options? If not a city council issue, a hint of things to come if seeking higher State office. What parallel prejudices are implied for business license decision making, if elected?

Strength of conviction is not a bad thing, except if you'd want to impose your convictions over my own strengths of thought and action.

Do you, as a sentient reader, need that like a bad headache every day, day in, day out? Nanny will is fine with me, if you impose it on yourself, and leave others to be. Somehow that link has a miasma to me of interference with others' choice rights. Not my bag of Tea. Especially in the way the police union will was served by Dayton's half as baked approach. With that criticized. As going too far. Lighten up, folks. Life's yours to live. Your life that is, for you. Not mine, lived to your prejudices. Understand that intruding a nose in other peoples' business has implications to a candidacy some might like, but for many others; not their bag of Tea. Don't need no nanny. Don't need no prudes. Don't need no town scolds neither.


Wes Volkenant said...

Well said, Eric!

I wouldn't support Mr. Buchholz in the ballot booth, but this is a clear measure of disrespect, and I feel sorry for the Buchholz campaign.

Signs cost money, and time and energy is spent putting them up. Shame on these vandals!

Anonymous said...

Unless you see a Franken sign ..feel free to rip it to shreds.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - Got you pegged. Low life, only showing up when somebody lifts the rock and sees you.

Having run in the last decade against Gamec, I did signs, pounding rebar, all that. They cost. Then Tom put up a number of 4ft x 8ft BIG SIGNS, winning the sign war for certain, the election too. Ran against Elvig, Ward 1 after that, refusing to put up a single sign. Elvig had won the sign war and election 2002, against Hendriksen - Dave doing saturation sign placement. I did not know there were that many places you could put a sign, but he found them. 2006 Dave only put up a few signs. To my none. And Dave won.

Matt Look prints his own signs, and had that advantage both running for Ramsey council, at large vs. Todd Cook; Look v. Cook; and when running for Berg's county board seat against Steffen, and for reelection against Allison Lister. He was aggressively active in locating placement locales and planted sign numbers - he works hard at it; and along the way by his means he seems to have attracted a loyal band of supportive zealots.

Jim Abeler had to have a giant mega warehouse full of Elect Me signs with satutation sign placement helping his perpetual House District reelections; but basically people were satisfied with his work until he was one of the override six, and locals in his party got into a snit-fit they hopefully got over by now. Abeler's contest was up-ticket enough that signs were less a factor than track record.

That is the history. It is as stupid as things can be that putting up lots of signs is one of the key decisive factors in down ticket contests; how it is most surely, not how it should be.

In the 2004 contest against Gamec he had incumbency and sign count, so it's speculative what counted most. My guess is I got the disgruntled minority fraction not liking Tom, and it was 40+ percent, i.e., insufficient. That was when rose colored glasses were in vogue per Ramsey Town Center. One politician talked of wheelbarrows full of money, just missing which way they were destined to go.

In 2006, against Elvig, it was about 3-4 weeks after the November election that Nedegaard died and that was two weeks after his creditors put him into a bankruptcy proceeding. It was by that timing that Town Center failure was less of an election issue than it might have been had that clearly-a-failure shoe dropped as an October surprise.

However, Dave won handily and I had had enough of the stupidity of down ticket election BS. Like the Zionist internment survivors in Europe after WW II, I vowed, NEVER AGAIN.

So as to the comment Wes left, I will likely cast my absentee ballot this week for Kris Williams. A choice between two candidates who each vigorously put up signs around town.

But as to sign trashing and such, I am experienced. I have been experienced. The effort to put the stupid signs up, retrieve the ones the city pulls up for whatever reasons and put them elsewhere during the ramp up to election day, the signs the city impounds and accumulates outside at the public works site; all that is a super giant crock, and then IDIOTS lacking any moral compass trash the signs. Easy to do, impossible to justify.

SIGN WARFARE is one of the dumbest things about local down-ticket elections that I can imagine; yet it is actual and real and a factor.


End of rant.