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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Politico posts an excellent online item about Litigeous Larry Klayman and NSA dragnet style wretched excesses. His federal suit is to be argued on appeal, Nov. 4, D.C. Circuit. Serious people who are skilled wish to intervene as amici, and Larry bristles and belittles any stealing of his thunder. Like a cross between Brietbart and Geraldo Rivera, with a pinch of Michele Bachmann and Bradlee Dean mixed in, Litigeous Larrry persevers in marching to his own ill-tempered drummer.

This link. No excerpt. The part in there about citizens perhaps taking it to the streets if the courts go inattentive to his pleas; Larry's been spectacularly unsuccessful in fomenting riot; but trading on discontent appears to have yielded Larry a comfortable lifestyle of relative luxury. He seem satisfied with himself although others might find fault. Rachel Maddow and her media lawyers ate his and Bradlee Dean's lunch. But he's Eveready Bunny still going.

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