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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

What is the security update lifecycle policy of Microsoft, if a Win-7 or Win-8.1 user "upgrades" to Windows 10?

Microsoft has a "Windows lifecycle fact sheet" online

Where, there, is Windows 10 which Microsoft wants everyone to switch to?

Bait and switch? If you "upgrade" to Windows 10, what has the firm to hide about terms and conditions?

Microsoft has

So, you type in product name, you get feedback? This screen capture shows cause for frustration:

They want you to abandon a product with a stated lifecycle support policy, for one without?

There is a joke about what "Trust Me" means in Yiddish. Microsoft is giving us a big time "Trust Me," so far, and suggesting I "upgrade" without disclosure of terms and conditions? Why?

They did not leave lifecycle support facts hanging when Bill or Steve were running the show. Is this a new and better Microsoft?

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