consultants are sandburs

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thought experiments are fun. Try this one. You create a slush fund, and then develop a dislike for the slushing, and the slushors and their cronies, then what? You turn a blind eye, or you retrench and repair?

When Timmer and Brodkorb see the same thing, it must be real, given how each has his own vision capabilities and interests. Not that such coincidence has much to do with anything on the sidebar, just that it is an interesting thought experiment to weigh a cause in order to consider possible ensuing effects.

Wholly unrelated but possibly of interest to some, James Brown has been called The Godfather of Soul, funk, that style, and within it he knew how to deliver a badass message within a performance, although his music is mainly apolitical. It is a form of music that might not have appeal to everyone.

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