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Monday, June 29, 2015

Pledge inflation.

With socialist roots and all.

Wikipedia presents an interesting sidebar of evolution over time, always added to, never subtracted from.

Are you like Rand Paul and supporters, and others, still awaiting that "... liberty and justice for all?"

What that ending means is likely more subjective to each individual than objective. I envision "tax the rich" as a part of the "justice for all" and I am still waiting. And with the costs of litigation being as they are, Justice being blind misses the finger of the rich on one pan of the balance. For all, to my mind, does not really mean more for some than others, yet show me a rich homeless man, woman, or child, please.

As an afterthought, the recent Supremes' narrow-margin decision on gay marriage is a step toward justice, (equal civil rights), "for all."

Single Payer?

Now that would be a far larger step for everyone, with unquestioned access to healthcare as a right, "for all."

Still waiting?

It will happen. Intimidation of the poor will ultimately fall into disfavor, as humankind evolves and betters itself from what it still is, to what it can become.

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