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Monday, June 29, 2015

One "have to read it online" item. One question, about those corporate persons loved by a part of the Supreme Court to the point they can be as political as human persons.

Must read, here and it speaks for itself.

Question, marriage between a man or woman and a corporation, is that forestalled by divine script? Or worse, two corporations? Given the equal-to-humans personhood of those blessed corporations in the eyes of Roberts and cronies; how might they face such questions with unwavering wit and logic?

Also, wouldn't it be great if Scalia did put a bag over his head? Like the Detroit fans during Millen's tenure as Lions boss. You can imagine the embarrassment of one arguing a case before the Court, "I'm sorry Justice Scalia, I may have misheard you question, could you take the bag off and repeat?" He wouldn't even have to show up for work. With the bag he could just send a clerk to sit in his place, and if Thomas were to adopt a bag too, the both could sneak out sending clerks, and go find a sunny park and play cribbage.

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