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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Mouthpiece for vested interests questions the Pope's bona fides, and/or propriety in discussing man-made global warming.

Lo, none other than the Jeberwock:

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Media Matters for America is the source, with its first "closed door meeting" link to here, with other Media Matters links in story text following that of the screen capture.

Beyond faith, to credibility and objectivity; it seems Francis scores well above the man who implies his economic policy gravitas is better than Vatican judgment. And then we see the truth of bootlicking to special interests, or at least that arguable appearance.

Do note, "closed doors." Jeb is his brother's [policy] keeper.

Wow - a closer reading of the WaPo item, Jeb digs up and parades the "job creators" shiboleth; to show his roots indeed are in fable.

Bush was the only potential presidential candidate on the agenda at the fourth annual meeting of the Coal & Investment Leadership Forum, which includes top officers of some of the largest coal firms in the eastern United States.

A spokesperson for Bush said the former Florida governor was happy to meet with corporate leaders "who are trying to grow the economy and create jobs, something being made more difficult by the excessive regulations and repressive policies of the Obama Administration."

Somebody Tom Bakk could love. Likely soul brothers on sulfide mine tailings not being properly regulated as hazardous solid waste.

One might argue convincingly that the use of the term "mouthpeice" in the headline is in error; and if given more thought it would have been, "Meeting cohort and featured invitee of convening big-pocket East Coast coal mine owners displays personal credentials subsequently as a man-made global warming skeptic. Does that mean follow the money?"

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