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Saturday, June 06, 2015

"I cannot believe that in 2014 I have to send you an email about protecting access to birth control. We've got a lot of other big problems in our country to tackle right now. Millions of people still haven't recovered from the [George W. Bush] worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. More and more young people are drowning in student debt. Too many workers are struggling to stay out of poverty on a minimum wage, and millions of others are struggling to save for retirement. Seniors keep getting told they're going to have to get by on less. But the Republican Party has made it clear: They want to spend their time working to deny women access to birth control and punch as many holes in the Affordable Care Act as they can."

The headline is from here, Elizabeth Warren telling it like it is, and it is unfortunate that the bill she, Murray and Udall have pending is not yet federal law and the egregious Roberts Court decision in Hobby Lobby still stands. It needs to be scuttled, the sooner, the better. But it will not be undone as long as the executive or either house of Congress is controlled by troglodytes. Tom Emmer is not the answer to undoing Hobbv Lobby, or to undoing Citizens United. We need better than Emmer; and with the bar set low, let us hope for much better.

And while Emmer may hold a secure seat, there is the Col. in MN2 who loves student debt incurred in bogus schools, and that puts a target on that seat where even Emmer is better.

Retire the Col. to fix a problem. Retake a house majority, undo Roberts Court nastiness before that hack crew does even more damage to the nation.


Anonymous said...

WTF? What does a persons employer have to do with abortion pills? Buy them yourself! And yes..The economy sucks..We have had a progressive in the white house for the past seven years!

eric zaetsch said...

Anon - What progressive? We have had a man who promised change, while in lockstep with Bush/Clinton presidencies of the past, hardly progressive. Progressive would be Rand Paul's policy position on the military along with a conscience toward welfare of the debt-burdened students and the minimum wage full-time workers not able to make it.

Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders, with a view of the military comparable to that of Rand Paul, would be a start toward a progressive government, but there still would be Republicans and lobbyists, and Blue Doges in the same triumvirate that is calling shots today like yesterday. Also, without taxing the rich individually and in their corporate multinational embodiments their due share, letting them skate, there is a major lack of progressivism and you are an idiot for suggesting otherwise.

eric zaetsch said...

Progressive? It depends on what, to you, would be progress.