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Monday, June 15, 2015

Hat tip to Andy A. this time, for a post at his Residual Forces blog. I did not have to write an original post of the situation he critiques since he did it.

This link, title and opening sentence, "Blaine – A Legal Conflict Of Interest --- The City of Blaine’s recent attorney change stinks of cronyism."

(Posted on June 15, 2015 by Andy)

Read what Andy wrote, and see if you agree. I do. It reminds me of Ramsey's affection for Elwyn Tinklenberg; except that Tinklenberg's situation, while to me an inexplicable use of town funds, is NOT tainted by the type of unsavory situation Andy writes about, in Blaine. It's just a difference of judgment I have with Ramsey's council and staff, not a conflicted thing. It also reminds me of Ryan Cronk's past hiring for Flaherty, and Jungbauer's tie to Landform; yesterday's fish, so let it be. But read about that situation in Blaine [the Tinklenberg reminder may be based on recalling his touting having been mayor of Blaine, before I began living in Minnesota, so I cannot judge his tenure there one way or the other.] Ask Andy or Elwyn about that, both have lived in Minnesota, Anoka County, for all or the majority of their adult lives.

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