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Monday, September 29, 2014

Wayne Buchholz at it again.

How many flags do you feel a need to wrap yourself in? If any. Some feel exceptional wants, that way. But wants are not needs ...

This screen capture:

This is not a fellow wanting to be head of his Legion post. He is running for a civil office, and his main campaign focus is back on Vietnam, and he waves a bunch of flags but says little of whether he is happy we went there doing what was done, or whether it's a lesson learned about government making boneheaded decisions that killed a lot of Americans and many, many more Vietnamese by following the French into the quagmire of opposing a post-WW II freedom fighting effort against imperial reassertion.

Why is the guy doing this? It has zippo to do with qualification for office or hopes and goals if elected. It's theater, not discussion. It makes no sense to me.

He served. Okay. A marine, hence he volunteered back when he was young. So?

What from there? Half a century ago he volunteered for a war many questioned at the time and many more now say it was a mistake. So elect the guy?

Does any of that hang together as logical, to you?

It's like saying elect me because I am left-handed, or elect me because I had surgery in 2004 for a medical condition, or elect me because I am a blonde. It's irrelevant.

Is the suggestion we should further militarize our police, give them flags too? I fail to understand a cogent message to "combat marine veteran" in terms of being on a town council.

Wave that bunch of flags all you want, but what's your policy on Town Center? More Darren, as it was last election? Has it changed? Is there any evolution of THOUGHT?

UPDATE: For Buchholz, this link. From there, the chorus:

Wave that flag
Wave it wide and high
Summertime done
Come and gone
My oh my

Readers are encouraged to submit cogent comments explaining how half a century ago volunteering as a youth to go as a marine to war in Vietnam is relevant to whether to vote Kris Williams or to vote Wayne Buchholz. (Cogent being the operative term.)

FURTHER UPDATE: More Buchholz at it. This link. Two political opportunists get five hundred nine signatures that Minnesotans should be allowed conceal/carry without any background check, without any permitting process, their logic being,

One does not need a permit to attend the church of your choice, to write a letter to the editor, to be free from search and seizure, or to speak your mind in public. Why are our Second Amendment rights so much more difficult to exercise?

Well, for one, going to the church of your choice does not make it easier to kill somebody in a fit of rage and passion, unless the hymnal is really big and heavy and an enemy is in the pew in front of you. Come on. This stuff is super stupid. How about:

Wave that handgun
Wave it wide and high
Summertime done
Come and gone
My oh my

Personally, I think it best if that bunch stuck to flags. It's less disconcerting.

FURTHER UPDATE: Everybody loves a parade; flags and stuff; crypto-military parahnenalia as at hand to display. This image, from this item. But that's not Buchholz. Not Vietnamese either.

However, do acknowledge, the Vietnamese have war memorials too. It was war on their soil. They won.

Flags. A discliplined display. Carried by hand, not parked as props on some truck by a civilian politician.


Ryan said...

I feel like some long standing issue with the Vietnam War is clouding your mind as you try to make a beyond questionable point about Wayne's campaign tactics. Otherwise you just fundamentally dislike Wayne or his platform.

Bottom line though, serving in the military is one of the most selfless acts known to man so why wouldn't a candidate leverage that fact to try to gain the publics trust? At a very high level an ex military member looks great in a campaign picture because to the majority the military inspires thoughts of a person who is selfless, service driven, and dedicated, etc. etc. Seems like a good starting point for any candidate..

eric zaetsch said...

Ryan. Thanks for the comment. You say a lot that makes sense.

However, the point is flag waving and chest pounding over a single four-year stint half a century ago is IRRELEVANT to city council qualifications, if any.

McCain was a POW, clearly more a burden than a stint of at risk service, survived. And yet he lost to Obama, who did not serve.

Bush II, who DID NOT SERVE, got into the White House [adjudication aided], while Gore served and was denied the office.

Clinton who did not serve won election over Bush I, who had served in WW II at risk of death at sea after his plane was shot down.

Past service is irrelevant as to qualification for office or likelihoods of wisdom if elected.

It has proven irrelevant in voter minds as to outcome of elections, in our more recent times, and that to many is a good development.

Last, Sinclair Lewis said, and I fully believe, "When fascism comes to America it will be carrying a bible and waving a flag." I may have a word or two of the quote wrong, but things add up, and if all Buchholz has to offer is service decades ago, and disliking one licensed retailer in Ramsey, give me a break.

He's praised the Ramsey VA clinic, but rails against Jim Deal. Does that calculate as making sense to you? He ran last cycle with the Landform crowd.

What has Buchholz to offer beyond past service and Maria posting that picture of him and her with the kid with the offensive red tee shirt? Has he told you? Can you tell me? Signs from Matt Look for only $275. It's an impressive discount, but not one saying to me how that makes him the candidate I should be voting for.

So, again - I am not critical of Buchholz' service - I agree with what you say about that, it is praiseworthy. It is the ongoing flag waving stunt half a century later that to me is both irrelevant to the office he seeks, and offensive to those valuing pacifist vs militarist world views evolving into place.

eric zaetsch said...

Ryan - When the LWV had its Ramsey session cancelled when there was a collective refusal to attend, we lost a chance to see Wayne Buchholz explain his qualifications.

The LWV will have a session this October, and what we and others should do is wait and see how Wayne and Kris present themselves, and vote based on that.

That is what makes sense, and yes I do have issues with national interventionist foreign policy based on militarism. It failed in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and is being retried in Syria. It left Libya a basket case. And it costs a bundle that could better be spent making the lives of citizens here easier and less economically stressful, were that a goal of two party ruling elites.

Yes, I have issues. On militarism, sabre rattling, interventionism; it appears for now that only Rand Paul is making it the issue it should be. I am thankful he is doing that, and I am thankful for his questioning the Fed, but other policy positions he has I do not embrace. Yet, at least he is saying something, not waving a flag while only saying Hooray for me.