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Friday, September 19, 2014

The lyrics chronicle the feelings of lost love through the days of week, starting on Monday: "They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad". The mood improves by Friday, when "the eagle flies", a metaphor for payday, which allows for carousing on Saturday. The lyrics end with Sunday, "when the blues and spirituals converged [in] a continuation of a trend used by earlier Mississippi Delta blues singers" and conclude with a prayer asking for the Lord's help [...]

Yes, T-Bone Walker's "Call it Stormy Monday" has a Wikipedia page.

And the eagle flies on Friday - getting paid for doing the work. So, the eagle, bird of our nation, stern, unforgiving, regal. The eagle in one of the colors of our flag, those colors, below in three images -

eagle eye - exceptional color vision

Eric Lucero buys nationwide market-rate campaign signs

$275 campaign sign price - lukewarm pricing? Who's to judge?

One interesting aspect of Lucero's reporting, listing rebar apparently at cost, as his own contribution in kind. In reporting I have seen, which is in no way a full spectrum, almost nobody reports rebar. And, if rebar is lent by somebody to someone else's campaign, the proper thing likely is to guess at a fmv [fair market value] for one time use of reusable rebar for campaign sign posting. Lucero is the first I have seen reporting that way.

In Ramsey, so far, neither Buchholz nor Williams have reported any in kind loan of rebar expense line item. Curious. I'd like to know the in kind source of Buchholz's one-time use of rebar, who provided it to him. Buchholz declined in reporting to identify his sign printer, stating only the $275 price accorded him w/o vendor specificity. One wonders whether as a retiree he was pressed for time and omitted that data, or felt it irrelevant to due and proper campaign disclosure to give vendor identification. It seems for voters to judge disclosure vendor identification is a key factor, and should be reported in good faith. I could send an email asking, but Buchholz already declined to respond to a fair question about tee shirt color.

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