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Thursday, September 18, 2014

RAMSEY - Budget and tax matters reported by ABC Newspapers.

This link. I find some of the report confusing, e.g.,

Finance Director Diana Lund is estimating the city’s tax rate could decrease from 44.24 percent to 42.67 percent, but a $200,000 home that paid $2,224 in city taxes in 2014 could be paying $390 more for a total of $2,614 in 2015.

Without having attempted any detailed study of the agenda charts and tables, many, many of them, I wonder if that paragraph could be further fleshed out by such a step. Reader comments are welcome.

It seems to say peoples' Ramsey share of property taxes will be going up $400 or more. I can understand that. The tax rate part of the quoted sentence is what confuses me.

In any event, the general revenue levy tax total for Ramsey may increase but there will be no franchise fee imposition. That appears to me to be the tradeoff the council reached.


Anonymous said...

Since Social Security was imposed on may now retired Ramsey Residents and any private system would be paying MUCH, MUCH MORE. Perhaps we should require Ramsey survive on the COLA as calculated by the Feds. This year COLA is expected to be about 1.5%. Of course that increase is divided among the number of vendors, Gas, electric, food etc. Ramsey: you say you want an increase? Get in line.

eric zaetsch said...

What about the other way around. Peg the Social Security COLA to increases in local taxation; have it grow faster than if pegged to a grocery market basket standard; an inflation index, anything else except the incremental CEO's salary/bonus/benefits package at United Healthcare. Or at Goldman Sachs. That would really goose up Social Security yields.