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Monday, September 08, 2014

Mad Hatter. A restaurant, not Alice's tea party host. In the John Weaver house, on the Rum, turn east from the light just north of the bridge, 1632 S. Ferry St., Anoka.

The headline has navigation info. Parking is where the Carpenters Hall used to be. The food is good. The website is:

Try it. You will like it.


Anonymous said...

Overpriced, and the food isn't anything special, they don't serve a salad nor bread, but for $2.5 they will give you 2 tiny pieces of hard bread like a crotton type. Give a year they will not survive.

eric zaetsch said...

READERS NOTE: The above comment was published. However, because it is anonymous it might be a competitor downgrading the quality of competition. It is correct, the first year or so of a restaurant's existence is critical. Mad Hatter had been a tea room elsewhere in Anoka before the move to the present location. Readers are encouraged to try it and see whether they intend to return frequently enough to make it a business success.

Anonymous said...

If I was a competitor where would I be located? In the cities of Anoka, Champlin or Ramsey, name one restaurant other than Billy's that isn't a pub with a grill in the back room, or Oriental food even if you include Coon Rapids all you have are chain restaurants. The Madd Hatter was our only hope for an upscale restaurant in this area, and they fell far short of my expectations.

eric zaetsch said...

Anon. Thanks. There is a dearth of non-Mexican restaurants, non-fast food outlets, non-Perkins. Awarded "Business of the Year" or not, Acapulco in Town Center is not anybody's real answer. Not by a long shot. It used to be a good food place back when it was on Coon Rapids Blvd., before Riverdale/Town Center expansion (with food quality left behind).