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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Larry Klayman proves he was the perfect lawyer to represent Bradlee Dean in his humorously futile lawsuit against Rachel Maddow. Too much time for both in the same bat infested cave, breathing in their attitude.

Larry is the subject of a report here (while Bradlee Dean looks for ways to make a buck and get his name press and air time with Larry stealing that thunder pathetic meager sound bite, by being Larry). Larry and Bradlee, which one is Bevis?

The mouth:

... Says Military Should Oust Obama -- Like In Egypt

Larry Klayman is once again calling for the military to remove President Obama from office, telling Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association in an interview today that military leaders should “rise up” and “go to the president and say, ‘Your time’s up,’ just like they did to Mohamed Morsi in Egypt, ‘Take a hike guy, you’re destroying the country.’”

Klayman, who organized a White House rally last year that he hoped would lead to Obama’s ouster, insisted that the move would not be a coup d’├ętat because Obama is “not a legitimate president” and is “having our people killed for no reason.”

[...] At another point in the “Today’s Issues” interview, Klayman said Obama “protects his Muslim brothers at the expense of Christians and Jews.”

“This president is anti-Christian, he’s anti-Semitic, he doesn’t like white people,” Klayman continued. “We’re taking strong legal action hopefully to get him removed from office as soon as possible before we go under for the count.”

The right-wing activist went on to say that Obama is a “socialist, a black Muslim in the mold of Louis Farrakhan” who wants people to “pay back African Americans” by “deconstructing the country, trying to bring the country down, in effect like revenge.”

“We can’t take it anymore, we just simply can’t take it anymore.”

This YouTube video. Larry wishes.

Take lessons Larry.

Get Networked.

Read that full item, it has links omitted in quoting above.

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