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Sunday, September 14, 2014

“I know what you’re thinking: You never heard of John Kline,” said Maher, who added Kline is “one of those silent threats you never see coming … He’s not funny. He’s just wrong about everything.”

The headline, which pretty much sums up the good Col., is from here. Unfortunately, we in Minnesota know the Col. and welcome his gaining national attention. Some Minnesotans are unsurprised at but exasperated by a video showing the Minnesota-nice understanding indicative of Col. Kline. The Col. while disrespectful toward female colleagues while on the floor of Congress, shows who he embraces and respects, dual oil slicks and all.

Nice suit, Norm. Did Nasser buy it for you?

UPDATE: Representing the district, the nation - full speed, all the time, all distraction set aside in order to serve the public will and needs. Kline appears happier, nose to the grindstone that way, than when schmoozing with Norm in St. Paul.

photo source, here

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