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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All the animals on Animal Farm are endorsed, but some are more endorsed than others.

Where'd he go, Comrade Joe?

Old timers may remember the story of Stalinist purges. The purged individual's name and photos would be removed from official listings and retouched from group photos. Luckily such a thing is from totalitarian tyranny times, not a thing of our place, our times.

That said: This link. Find the missing endorsee. (Of course you will not find her. She's not listed.)

Hint: Michelle. Do you need a second hint?

Don't peek now if you think you know the answer, but if not: MacDonald.

There they go again ... This image.

How about how they go on. Just last election cycle Oct 24, 2012, ABC's LTEs:

Hard work in the city

To the Editor:

As a Ramsey resident, I feel it necessary to commend the current city council for their “visible” hard work in the city.

A simple look around will show you that Ramsey is one of the few cities in Anoka County and possibly the state, that has investment and construction under way.

Consider the new VA Clinic, Allina Clinic, Residence at the COR, McDonalds, two Convenience stores, upgraded Bunker Lake Boulevard, upgraded Highway 5, current upgrading of Armstrong Boulevard for the eventual grade separated overpass at Highway 10 and finally the Ramsey Rail Station.

Currently up for election is the Mayor, Ward 2, Ward 4 and At Large city council positions. Ward 4 and the at large seats are open with excellent candidates both in Marine Sergeant Wayne Buchholz, and current chairperson of the Charter Commissioner, Attorney Joe Field.

The Mayor and Ward 2 council seats have candidates up for re-election, Mayor Bob Ramsey and Councilmember Colin McGlone (chairperson of the Housing and Redevelopment Authority), both of whom have worked tirelessly to turn the project around and close on projects currently under construction and bring taxbase, jobs and development to the city of Ramsey.

Some are currently advocating for….. “if it ain’t broke fix it.” On the other hand a more reasonable approach would be to believe the progress that we can clearly see and support these candidates that have implemented a vision that has in the face of a downturn economy, attracted over $50 million in private investment to our small town.

Some are advocating pushing through a change to our charter, in order to overturn a vote recently taken two years ago to retain an administrator form of government as opposed to a manager form of government.

This measure was defeated two years ago as it was seen as taking power from the people and giving it an un-elected bureaucrat.

Despite the overwhelming opposition, current candidates are promoting yet again what the people have clearly spoken on. I feel the opposition is clearly out of touch.

The challenging mayoral candidate is confused in believing that we should not be investing time, energy and resources in the cities largest investment…the COR, where infrastructure investment has already been made, but rather diversify to other parts of the city.

Anyone that understands tax base should understand that tax base anywhere in the city is still tax base, regardless of where it is.

Conventional wisdom would say to focus on areas that already have hard infrastructure, as opposed to spending millions to drag sewer and water to northern sectors of Ramsey that clearly have not survived in the past and will struggle unless millions more of public resources are invested to artificially subsidize their survivability. Again, clearly out of touch.

Please join me in supporting Mayor Ramsey, Councilmember McGlone, Joe Field and Wayne Buchholz. They all have Ramsey’s best interest in mind.

Jeri Bates

Writer's name ring a bell? Yeah. THAT Jeri Bates.

There they go; and there it is:

Please join me in supporting Mayor Ramsey, Councilmember McGlone, Joe Field and Wayne Buchholz. They all have Ramsey’s best interest in mind.

Help me please, which one was it of the four that won, that election?



Well ... Airbrush the other three from the picture. Warmed over leftovers, tasty, yummy.

FURTHER UPDATE: That Republican Party official's 2012 letter - MacDonalds, two convenience stores? We were told that. Actions speak louder than words. I recall first being told of that, and the liquor store to close on moving. Three "closings" along the rerouted Sunwood Street that cost millions. It was Matt Look telling me that as he and I spoke after the LWV County Board session (where Sivarajah and West declined to attend); he said the announcement was being made, in Ramsey. How he knew that it was a you-can-take-it-to-the-bank certainty when it was not in the newspapers astonished me; and now two years later I am still eagerly anticipating this set of convenience outlet developments to take place as told to me. A burger, gassing up, soon I am sure. Just be patient. Not skeptical, please. Patient.

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